Hey there intrepid traveler! You’ve just found one of the last family run guesthouses on the most beautiful, untouched island in the world. We’ve been called the most unique Indonesia Hotel in this island nation, but we’re really Indonesia’s best kept secret. Not many have heard of Maratua Island, so we’re happy that you found us.

After searching through the many islands of Indonesia, we settled on the unique island of Maratua in the Derawan Archipelago. If you’re looking for special travel experience where you commune with nature and like-minded travelers, you’ll love Maratua Guesthouse.

Check out this amazing drone filmed video made by the beautiful Oakshott Family from Montreal, Canada. Cheers Oakshotts!

Now that you’ve had a peak at our amazing island, when are you coming over to swim with turtles, manta rays and stingless jellyfish?

We have a 12 acre sanctuary in the jungle, with simple, comfortable wooden bungalows. You have the choice of jungle-view, salt-water-pond view, or our stunning ocean-view bungalows, which sit overlooking the Celebes Sea. These were the bungalows sitting on the cliff to the right of the restaurant in video above.

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Now, sit back and enjoy this video, which takes you to our “Unique Indonesia Hotel” on the remote island of Maratua. You’ll see the manta rays of Sangalaki Island and the stingless jellyfish of Kakaban Island. You’ll also see the setting of our guesthouse as you approach Maratua from Derawan Island.

Our next video was made by our guest when we first opened the guesthouse. We like this video because you can see how the island hasn’t changed much in the last 3 years. We’ve renovated our rooms, so they’re a little nicer with proper glass windows and upgraded bathrooms, but the beach is still private and you don’t have any crowds.

You get to see more of the island in this next video as you’re taken on a motorbike ride through the trails, single track road and the airport runway. Yes the Maratua Airport runway is complete and has been completed for over a year. Now, we’re just waiting on the building to be finished and the airline routes to be determined. The airport was scheduled to be completed in 2013, so we’re still waiting…

Most of guests have the pleasure of swimming turtles in front of the guesthouse, with manta rays off the coast of Sangalaki Island and with stingless jellyfish in the lake on Kakaban Island. You will see all of this marine life and more in the following video. Can you spot the giant coconut eating crab and the hermit crab bullies on the beach? Our younger guests love collecting and playing with the plentiful hermit crabs. They can get pretty big here.

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