For seamless transfers to Maratua Guesthouse from Tanjung Selor, our private service ensures convenience and comfort. If you're traveling from Sabah or arriving directly to Tarakan, we can also arrange transfers. However, please note that if you're flying into Tarakan from Jawa, it's advisable to seek a flight to Berau if possible.

Arriving from Tarakan, catch an early public ferry to Tanjung Selor, starting at 8:00 and taking approximately 1 hour. We recommend arriving in Tanjung Selor by 11:00 for the transfer to Maratua.

Upon your arrival at the Tanjung Selor Ferry Terminal, our taxi will be ready to take you to the jetty at Tanjung Batu, about a 4.5-hour journey. From there, our Boat Captain will transport you to Maratua Guesthouse in approximately 1.5 hours. Please note that boat services to Maratua cease after sunset, ensuring your safety. Total transfer time from Tanjung Selor to Maratua is approximately 6 hours.

For your return journey from Maratua to Tanjung Selor, we recommend planning an overnight stay in Tanjung Selor or Tarakan. The last ferry from Tanjung Selor to Tarakan departs at 16:30. Please note that the earliest departure from Maratua is at 6:00, with sea conditions typically best for travel after 10:00.